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Solar Panels in a New Direction

A recent study conducted by the Pecan Street Research Institute in Texas, discovered that rooftop solar panels produced almost 50% more electricity during peak demand hours (3pm-7pm) compared to panels facing south. The point of the research was to evaluate the energy production of solar panels oriented in different directions. Over 50 homes were analyzed

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Smart Grid

The word “Smart Grid” is rarely used but in the past decade it has picked up some traction. The word “grid” amounts to the networks that carry electricity from the plants where it’s generated to the customers. This includes wires, substations, transformers, switches etc. The word “smart” is used the same way as when describing

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A Greener World

As some of the readers may know from my profile, I majored in Electrical Engineering. Even though I have a passion for business, I have a much greater passion for science. Some say that the only difference between a scientist and an engineer is that engineers do the research and design the product, where scientist

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