How Professional Investors Handle Their Own Money

While no professional investor wants to admit to investing in anything other than the stocks he/she recommends to clients, there is one main difference between investing personally and professionally: Patience. Although many investors claim they are buying for the long-term, if the stock doesn’t move up within a few months, they want to know what’s … Continue reading How Professional Investors Handle Their Own Money


Investors and Speculators

I have a love affair with history and the financial markets. From what I’ve learned so far is that, it is easy to become rich in the Stock Market; but it’s nearly impossible to become rich quickly. I learned this when I first understood the difference between an investor and a speculator. Many people believe … Continue reading Investors and Speculators

Macro Market Investing: Following the Fish

Macro Market Investing is a style of investing in the stock market by evaluating and investing in specific industries and market segments within a certain region or on a global scale. This approach compares to micro focused investing which centers on individual companies and how they interact within a certain sector, region or the global … Continue reading Macro Market Investing: Following the Fish