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3D Printing for the Aerospace Industry

With the rise of 3D printing, many industries have begun to implement this unique manufacturing process into their research and development departments as well as their production lines. Aerospace is one of these industries and it is being led by General Electric (NYSE: GE) with their use of 3D Printers in their manufacturing of jet engines.

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3D Printing: 5 Questions

WHAT? | Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is an alternative method of manufacturing with endless possibilities. While the technology isn’t new, it has begun to take center stage in our lives. The first printer was developed in the mid-1980’s by Chuck Hull, who went on to start the company 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD).

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Business Production

Business has built your comfortable home. Provided you with the clothes you wear, fashioned the plates that you use for breakfast/lunch/dinner, manufactured the chair in which your family sits and produced the food which your family eats. One phase of business activities is agriculture. Farms produce the food for our tables, materials for our clothing

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