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SolarCity & The Push for Solar Power

SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY) is a solar energy provider for both the residential, commercial and governmental sectors. The company, founded in 2006, designs, installs and manages solar energy systems to provide customers clean energy at a more affordable price than what is offered by their local grid-based energy providers. A Unique System: SolarCity installs solar panel

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Micro-Grids & Reliable Energy

WHAT: Micro-Grids are small-scale electrical grids that are operated and maintained with computer software to create an independent “Smart-Grid” that can efficiently generate, distribute and regulate electric power independently or in collaboration with the existing electrical grid. WHY: The U.S. Electrical Grid is very old and very outdated. It is inefficient at distributing power to

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Smart Grid

The word “Smart Grid” is rarely used but in the past decade it has picked up some traction. The word “grid” amounts to the networks that carry electricity from the plants where it’s generated to the customers. This includes wires, substations, transformers, switches etc. The word “smart” is used the same way as when describing

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