Bow ties. A timeless mark of individuality.

Brooks Brothers - Bow Tie

Bow ties are unique in all aspects; how they look, how they are tied, and what they are worn with. Those who wear them are often just as unique.

Bow ties have long since been a symbol of being different and being a person with creativity. Since the 1800’s, bow ties were the choice of neck-wear for engineers, inventors, doctors; men who were not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get work done.  It can be speculated that this style choice was originally a matter of safety (so that one’s necktie didn’t become stuck in machinery, chemicals, or even a patient’s wound). In time, it became a mark for those who were involved in the fields of science and later, academia in general.

In modern day, the bow tie is an accessory that comes with mixed reviews. Some view it as dorky, while others view it as sophisticated and charming. In reality, it all depends on the wearer and how they carry themselves while wearing this unique accessory.

Classy or Casual? While bow ties have traditionally been viewed as a formal type of neck-wear, recent years have shown, bow ties can be worn as a casual accessory as well. This style can even go as far as wearing the tie untied, worn with an open-neck collared shirt, the tie, hung around one’s neck.

Not everyone can wear a bow tie and be comfortable doing so. It begins with the wearer. Since it is and probably will always remain a unique style, it takes a person with a certain confidence and a desire to be different while still maintaining one’s personal comfort.

So, can you look good wearing a bow tie? You be the judge.

-Blaine S.


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