A New Network: Part I

Globe - Iconfinder

Are you looking to meet new people and expand your business and social network? Try these often overlooked places to network. They are easy to fit into your daily routine and are fun opportunities to meet new people and organically expand your network.

  • Volunteering Events: Find common ground with people by volunteering at you favorite philanthropic event. These events are opportunities to not only give back to the community but to also meet new people who are involved in a variety of industries.
  • Religious Groups: Do you belong to or practice a certain religion or belief? Try joining a local group in your city, or better yet, try a variety of different local groups. Many cities have a multiple congregations of the same faith and are all new networks and great opportunities to meet new people.
  • Art/Music Events: Are you checking out a new museum exhibit, or attending an art festival in town? These are opportunities to talk to fellow event patrons and share your thoughts on the new exhibit or your appreciation for a certain musical artist. These conversations are open opportunities to meet new people and potentially new contacts.
  • Athletic Events: Do you enjoy a certain sport? Try joining a local recreational team or start your own. Athletic events are always great opportunities to bring people together, engage in a fun exercise, and meet new people.
  • The Office: The office is the place that you work and the place where you spend 40+ hours each week. In most cases, you will interact with a variety of people from different backgrounds every day. However, despite this daily interaction, it is quite common for people to focus only on the work at hand. Next time you are at the office, make a conscious effort to learn more about your co-workers. Everyone has different interests and all have extended networks that reach beyond the office.

As always, keep an open mind and go with the flow. You never know who you will meet!


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