Ellen Page’s Speech for the Human Rights Campaign

On Valentines Day, actress Ellen Page came out in a speech for the Human Rights Campaign. This confession wasn’t much of a surprise to me at first, until I listened to her speech in which she confesses to being in hiding and to have fallen victim to the social stereotypes that media and pop culture … Continue reading Ellen Page’s Speech for the Human Rights Campaign

An Open Response

Apart from my usual social/political commentary, I wanted to write something more personal. Very recently my older brother (biologically, not fraternally) started his own blog. His debut post was focused on the goals he has for the immediate and more long-term future. What stuck me most about the post was not the goals themselves, but … Continue reading An Open Response

Time Management

What is this time management people speak of? Personally, I have no idea. Figuring out what that is has proved to be very difficult for me. Throughout my academic career people have always tried to get us students to be more efficient with our time. Teachers have required a schedule, syllabi were handed out, and … Continue reading Time Management


Bullying has become a serious problem within the United States. I’m sure bullying has always been a problem but with new technology, specifically, social media, the issue seems to have become more severe. Statistics from 2010 show that nearly 1 in 7 children, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade, are either bullies or being bullied. … Continue reading Bullying