An Open Response

An Open Response

Apart from my usual social/political commentary, I wanted to write something more personal. Very recently my older brother (biologically, not fraternally) started his own blog. His debut post was focused on the goals he has for the immediate and more … Continue reading

Besa: Your New Resolution

January is the month of resolutions. With a New Year beginning, people are ready and eager to start 2014 improving their lives. More often than not, however, these resolutions are superficial and end quickly after being made. This year, I … Continue reading

Political Parties

When looking at lists of the greatest presidents America has had, George Washington is often among the highest ranked. He led the colonists against the British in the American Revolution for Pete’s sake! How could he not be ranked highly? … Continue reading

What You Want to Know About the Shutdown

So the federal government has again shutdown. The last time this happened was during President Clinton’s administration in the mid-1990’s. Well what does this exactly mean? I’ll tell you. The federal government is shutdown but that only means that those … Continue reading

The Lessons of Yesterday are the Promises of Tomorrow

In his address Wednesday at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, Obama made it clear that the push for equality is not over. Within five decades, we have come a great distance, not only for African-Americans, but for … Continue reading


Bullying has become a serious problem within the United States. I’m sure bullying has always been a problem but with new technology, specifically, social media, the issue seems to have become more severe. Statistics from 2010 show that nearly 1 … Continue reading