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What You Want to Know About the Shutdown

So the federal government has again shutdown. The last time this happened was during President Clinton’s administration in the mid-1990’s. Well what does this exactly mean? I’ll tell you. The federal government is shutdown but that only means that those deemed as non-essential employees are being furloughed. All of the laws, speed limits, and the

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In the Spotlight

As everyone knows, George Zimmerman was found not guilty. His controversial case has brought up a number of issues within the United States. In recent days, however, a new one has surfaced before my eyes and it doesn’t have anything to do with race. It does have everything to do with who we are as

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Post-Racial America

In the wake of George Zimmerman being found not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin, Americans took to the streets and to the computers to voice their opinions. The tragedy of Martin’s death lies in the fact that a boy of just 17 was shot resulting in his death. Controversy aside, the case made

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