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Renewable Energy – Geothermal

Introduction Utilizing natural resources should be near the top of everyone’s list. A main reason is because it is an investment, which has the highest rate of return and pays the greatest dividends. In other words, you save money, while helping save the planet. Have you ever wondered why Caveman lived in caves? There is

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Pros & Cons of Alternative Energy

Sustainable energy hasn’t been at the top of our personal or political list. It is a fact that the planet cannot cope any longer with abusive use of energy. I’m an advocate of buying hybrid cars because I believe that human beings are the cause of global warming, and a recent study has shown this

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A Greener World

As some of the readers may know from my profile, I majored in Electrical Engineering. Even though I have a passion for business, I have a much greater passion for science. Some say that the only difference between a scientist and an engineer is that engineers do the research and design the product, where scientist

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