Renewable Energy – Geothermal


Utilizing natural resources should be near the top of everyone’s list. A main reason is because it is an investment, which has the highest rate of return and pays the greatest dividends. In other words, you save money, while helping save the planet.

Have you ever wondered why Caveman lived in caves? There is this widely known fact that the deeper we dig underground, the hotter it gets. As a matter of fact, if we dig about 10ft underground, the temperature is between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. How cool is that?

What if we dig 50-100ft? Well, to make a long story short – it gets pretty hot. Now the next question would be: How to utilize this heat, to heat our home and/or office? The answer is pretty simple. I broke it down into very simplified steps for easy understanding:Horizontal Closed Loop

  1. Dig deep holes
  2. Insert pipes in those holes
  3. Fill the pipes with water and antifreeze mixture
  4. Connect this to a system, which has the capabilities to circulate the water antifreeze mixture throughout your house

What are the results?

  1. During the winter, you use this system to circulate heat from the ground throughout your house and heat your home.
  2. During the summer, you use this system to take the heat from your home and put it back into the ground.
  3. This fuel source is FREE, natural renewable energy.
    1. Because this system is natural, you will never need a dehumidifier in your basement during the summer.

Vertical Closed LoopYou may be wondering about the costs. Installing this system does include some upfront cots ($30k-$40k), however there are government subsidies ($10k+ depending on the state). Also, there is nearly zero maintenance costs so eventually it pays for itself. Another great feature about this system is that it’s not susceptible to fluctuating gas or electric prices.


Types of Installations

Geothermal systems are installed in a few different ways. The pipes can be installed underground vertically, horizontally or loops can be created to increase efficiency. Also, if you live near a well or a lake nearby, the system can utilize those for higher efficiency.

The vertical system is typically between 150 to 300 feet deep. The horizontal system requires much more surface area but doesn’t have to be as deep as the vertical system.



Geothermal Heating and Cooling System is a wonderful way to save money and help save the planet.


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