Cellphone revolution

Brick Phone (1st Cellphone)

Cellular devices have come up a long way since the introduction of the first cellphone on April 3, 1973. We no longer worry about carrying a brick in our pockets, but on what the capabilities and speed of the cellphone is.

Technology improves rapidly. If you don’t believe that, just think back a couple of years ago and think of the capabilities of your phone or computer. We are getting to a point where we can’t make chips any smaller. Not only are some memory chips’ a single atom thick, but can also perform more and better than previous generations. That’s crazy!

Mobile technology has improved so much that it has revolutionized the way we look at devices. Most people no longer care on how thin or fast their cellphones are. They don’t even care about how many features it has because they are not practical. Even operating systems are so alike that it no longer matters which one you have. We care more about the simple things such as the capabilities camera and battery life.

First iPhone

Apple with the iPhone made us all want a touchscreen smartphone. The new 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 will make us all want a better camera. The only apps that I use on my cellphone are the camera, browser, text, and social media. The most important thing for me is the camera. Every time I take a picture on my iPhone, I wonder how much better the picture could be if I took it with the new Nokia Lumia. I believe that Nokia just like Apple has revolutionized mobile devices.

41 MP Nokia Lumia 1020

Mobile devices have gotten so complex that it has made us once again only want what we need. We don’t need 700,000+ apps or eye scrolling. We just want to call, text, and search the web. The mobile smartphone market has changed as fast as it was introduced. Happy 40th birthday to the cellphone!

For a better visual on how cellphones have improved check out this video from 60 minutes.


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