Author: Donald D.

The Mysterious Dwarf

In the scientific world Pluto has always been a hot topic. Since its declassification as a planet in the Solar System on August 2006, it has sparked many debates about the dwarf planet. Some of those debates consists of whether or not Pluto is actually a planet based on its features. You would be surprised

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Voyage Towards the Unknown

  Human ingenuity and curiosity has leaded our civilization to prosper in many different studies and exploration. Space is one of the many wondrous mysteries we have decided to explore.   With the Space Age kicking off in the late 1950’s with the launch of Sputnik 1 by the Soviet Union, the world was not

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The end of Apple as we know it?

Mobile devices have improved so much in the past decade that producers no longer know how to distinguish their products from other competitors. One prime example of this is Apple (AAPL). Apple dominated the mobile market since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007. This is no longer true with Samsung (005930) and it’s

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Cellphone revolution

Cellular devices have come up a long way since the introduction of the first cellphone on April 3, 1973. We no longer worry about carrying a brick in our pockets, but on what the capabilities and speed of the cellphone is. Technology improves rapidly. If you don’t believe that, just think back a couple of

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Hyperloop, the future of transportation?

Technology is one of the fastest growing and changing things in our society. Technology is expanding so fast that gadgets will double in performance and shrink in size within the next year. This doesn’t only mean that your phone, computer, tablet’s of today will be old news within a couple of months, but there might

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Space Station of the Future

          (Credit: TriStar Pictures) This week a new movie “Elysium” featuring Matt Damon was released. The plot consists of Matt Damon trying to break into Elysium (futuristic earth like space station) in order to save everyone living in earth. With the release of this movie, many people are wondering if such

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