Travelling To Outer Space

World View Enterprise Capsul                                               Capsule-Balloon-Space_131112-820x461

Ever since the beginning of mankind, humans have always dreamt of travelling and reaching new distances. Space flight has made us rethink what it really means to go the distance. Long after the first human spaceflight commercial spaceflight was possible with many different types of spaceship. Human ingenuity has now made it possible to go outer space with a new source of transportation.

The FAA has deemed a new source of spaceflight to be available commercially. Paragon’s World View Enterprises will soon be transporting passengers to heights of more than 98,000 feet or 29.88 km using helium balloons. Paragon proposes that outer space is deemed to be at the distance of 30km. The FAA will not comment on the fact whether or not 30km is actually outer space.

The ticket price for this ride will cost customers around $75,000 for a two-hour ride. Ticket prices for this means of transportation are much less than other competitors because World View Enterprise is more efficient at transportation and it doesn’t go as high as SpaceX or Virgin Galactic do. The best part of World View Enterprises is that no special clothing is necessary and beverages are also served during the trip. The capsule is in production as of right now and flight tests will soon after begin.

Picture of Virgin Galactic space ship at height of over 100km above the earth
Picture of Virgin Galactic space ship over 100km above the earth.

With the introduction of commercial space flight only a few years back, companies are acting quickly to send humans outer space and gain as much market share as possible. As of today most private space travel companies such as Virgin Galactic or SpaceX have not transported people outer space. World View Enterprises is the only company to send people outer space with a cost price of less than $100,000. Ticket prices are expected to fall dramatically as newer means of transportation are introduced and as the commercial space industry grows older. It wouldn’t be surprising if most human beings travel to outer space within the next 50 years at the rate that prices are falling.


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