The Future of Our Military


Technology is the leader in innovation these days. As technology improves, so does everything else. With the current advancements in technology, it’s no doubt that even the government is stepping up its game and upgrading all of its divisions. One of these current divisions, which the government is upgrading, is the military.

With the military being the primary line of defense for any country, it is very important for it to have access to the most advanced military equipment. In an age of advanced computing, that includes Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV’s). Due to its importance, the U.S. military is upgrading most of its technology in 2014 and 2015. Some of the most significant upgrades include that of ground, sea, and counter intelligence/aerial.

With advancements in networking, the military is now able to push towards having battlefield-networking capabilities farther than ever before. The Warfighter Information Network Tactical, also known as WIN-T, is a mobile communication used by the military to communicate through high-speed voice, data, and video to ground troops in the battlefield. It is very important to communicate with troops to determine battlefield situations and new mission objectives. It is crucial for the communication to be fast because situation awareness can save lives. With the implantation of both radio and satellite communications, it will help improve the efficiency of communication and in turn save lives.

There are even greater innovations occurring in the navy. One of the biggest changes includes the introduction of the next-generation destroyer (Zumwalt-Class Destroyer) in late 2014. With the introduction of the Zumwalt, comes an all-electric integrated power system. This new all-electric power system will be able to sustain high-energy weapons and sensors and an advanced system used to send rocket-powered precision-guided projectiles.

Zumwalt-Class Destroyer
Zumwalt-Class Destroyer

One of the high-energy powered weapons might even include US Navy’s Laser Weapons System (LAWS). This technology has been under development for years. It is expected for one of the Laser Weapon System to be installed on the USS Ponce and deployed on the Persian Gulf.

Navy Laser Defense Testing
Navy Laser Defense Testing

Navy ships and carriers are advancing in all fronts. There are not only upgrades happening within the ship and carriers, but even equipment such as airplanes is being upgraded. One of the biggest innovations includes the X-47B. The X-47B is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It is going to be the first step for the navy to have all UCLASS (Unmanned Carrier Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike). The X-47B was the first ever airplane to take off and land on a US carrier without a pilot. This UAV will be able to take off from any carrier and precisely bomb any target. It is a big step in the conversion of all unmanned vehicles.

X-47B Carrier Testing

In an age of super computing and hackers, there are more threats to our nation than ground, sea, and air attacks. Hackers can do major damage to a country if they can hack the grid system or any counter intelligence system. Because of this, the US Air Force is planning to hire over 1000 “cyber professionals.” This is in addition to the more than 6000 current “cyber professionals” in the 24th Air Force cyber warfare center in San Antonio. It is unknown in what exactly these new hires will be doing.

Cyber Professionals at action
Cyber Professionals at action

These advances in technology and the implantation of it are only a fraction of the bigger picture. Within the next decade there will be a complete transformation of national defense and security. Most of the technology used in the past decade includes that of equipment first introduced during WWII and the Cold War. It is just a matter of time until the military completes its transformation to a 21st century military.


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