The end of Apple as we know it?

iPhone, Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Nokia Lumia 1020

Mobile devices have improved so much in the past decade that producers no longer know how to distinguish their products from other competitors. One prime example of this is Apple (AAPL). Apple dominated the mobile market since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007. This is no longer true with Samsung (005930) and it’s Galaxy S phones eating up Apples market share.

Up until today it seemed as if Apple has been ahead of everyone. Apple IOS ecosystem no longer has the most apps and it’s no longer the easiest operating system to use. Google app store is now head to head with apple with the most apps and windows phone 8 is the easiest operating system to use. It seems as if Apple no longer cares much about their iPhones because they have let the competitors beat it with better features and luxury such as the HTC One.

With the iPhone 5C being the headline of the next iPhone, it seems as if the iPhone 5S or 6 (whatever they call it) will not be much different at all from the iPhone 5. It is showing that Apple is scrambling to regain their lost market share to cheaper products and at the same time losing their luxury promise by releasing a plastic smartphone. If this proves to be true tomorrow at Apples event, Apple can no longer make fun of Samsung and their “plastic feel.”

People are trying a new thing and that is Android. The mobile market has changed from catching up to Apple to being better than Apple. HTC and Samsung have tried a different approach of adding newer technology such as NFC (Near Field Communication) to a bigger screen (4.7-5”). So far this move has proven to work with Samsung having the majority of the android smartphone market share and HTC not too far behind.

Tomorrow’s event will determine if Apple has still got it or whether it is true that the “giant is falling.” If the iPhone 5S looks exactly the same as the iPhone 5 it might just be the end of Apple’s dominance for good. People are tired of seeing the same design for the past 4 years, especially on a device that costs between $199-649. Apple needs to once again wow the consumers.



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