The “Green” Hydrogen Car – Explained

hydrogen_carA car can’t run on just water. Water (H2O) can be used on a car by running electricity through it, and electrolysis will break it down into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The Hydrogen extracted can be burned and then, run a car. This is the basic concept of a Hydrogen Car

The Hydrogen is stored in special Hydride Storage Tanks. These tanks can be shot with bullets or even worse: if a match is used to light it on fire, it will just smoke like a cigarette (try saying that about a gas tank).

ElectroA main concern is that if there is only Hydrogen in a tank – it will explode… big time. But if it is restricted to small controlled amounts of Hydrogen in these Hydride Tanks (enough to run 350+ miles on a single fill), then it’s harmless and takes up basically no space.

The other concern is that electricity is needed to make the Hydrogen. If the car is plugged into your house, it may get expensive but, why not look into solar panels? If solar panels are implement as thin sheets on the roof of the car, then it can generate electricity while driving or parked outside.

Let’s put it all together: You connect the Hydrogen Generator to a water line, the solar panels will generate the electricity needed to cause electrolysis and create Hydrogen. When a sufficient quantity of Hydrogen is achieved and the Hydride Tanks are full, then you’re good to go for well over 300 miles. This is a fairly fast process and very cheap but if you want a very, very fast process, you can fill the Hydride Tanks at a Hydrogen Fueling Station and you will be good to go.

Now we have a very “Green Car”!!

Two Main Issues:Hydride Tanks

  • Hydrogen is lighter than air and burns with an invisible flame and is completely odorless (which isn’t a good thing if you have a leak). Propane is actually also odorless but a very strong scent is added to it but that can’t be added to the Hydride tanks without lowering it’s efficiency.
    • A Hydrogen gas detector can be added so you will know if there is a leak.
  • The main problem is Hydride because it is classified as a “weapon material” and can only be used in thermonuclear weapons – even though it’s not dangerous by itself. Because it is used in these weapons it can’t be used for any civilian purposes, so you can’t even buy the material.
    • The loophole is that you can make all the Hydride you need – if you have particle accelerators?

The solution for greener cars has been perfected – maybe one day, the Government will change the classification of this material and Auto Manufacturers will begin to implement it this way. Toyota has plans to launch a Hydrogen fuel-cell car in 2015 but it uses a different process than the one described above (due to Hydride being classified as a weapon material).

A special thanks to former Area 51 employee, Bob Lazar for the explanation. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask @arberdoci


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