The Unhackable Smartphone

A company called Silent Circle has made it its sole mission to create services that are unhackable and some say “… they have the right people leading the company”.

Phil Zimmermann is a 54 year old genius. He created “Pretty Good Privacy” (PGP) in 1991, a data encryption and decryption service. In other words, the U.S. Government or any other Government in the world can’t hack their encrypted texts, emails, files, directories and/or whole disk partitions.

Phil brought along his PGP partners to create Silent Circle: Vincent Moscaritolo and Jon Callas. Have you ever heard of Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail? Well, without Jon’s genius, you may never have.

Silent Circle clients range from world leaders to human rights activists to special ops operatives and more. The company proved their integrity, because in August 9, 2013 there was an “expected” surveillance request by the FBI, so the company destroyed all their e-mail servers and everything they had on their clients vanished without a trace.

Now let’s get back to the BlackPhone:

BlackphoneThe BlackPhone’s hardware and software have been modified and all communication services will come pre-installed.

The phone’s features will be:

  • Encrypted Emails
  • Encrypted Phone Calls
  • Encrypted Text
  • Encrypted everything… literally

“What we are trying to do is to make a smartphone whose whole purpose is to protect users privacy” – Phil Zimmerman

The company has partnered with Geeksphone and will use the Android platform for its mobile devices. It will be manufactured in Switzerland because of it’s security conscious laws, but no specifications have been announced.

The BlackPhone is not the first product on the market to aim for this privacy “niche”. A German company offers a device called the Cryptophone.

The phone will be on sale this February, and it is not yet clear whether the BlackPhone is sufficient enough to escape the long reach of the NSA.


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