The Price Tag of Security

We Are The Blackphone

When it comes to the safety and security of your information, one important question is: How secure do you want to be? Some might want their data to be 100% secure and bulletproof; some want 90% security, some want 50% and so on… The second question is: How much are you willing to pay for it?

On January 16th, I wrote about the Unhackable Smartphone by Silent Circle. At the time of the article, the Blackphone was soon to be released and many were excited about it. Silent Circle had been working on the Blackphone for quiet some time, but its popularity peaked only after Edward Snowden leaked information that the NSA is secretly collecting telephone records of tens of millions of Americans on a daily basis. And also, that the NSA had tapped directly into the servers of nine online firms including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to track online communication in a surveillance scheme known as Prism.

The Blackphone promised unanimity, and based on a numerous of online resources and feedback, I confirm that this Android-based OS delivers on it’s promise by providing privacy to the people whom are unwilling to give it up. Silent Circle has been very successful in selling the Blackphone because their initial inventory has already been sold out.

The phone encodes all phone calls, texts, and contacts that are transmitted to and stored on it. The price tag is $630 (which is cheaper than the contract-free iPhone 5s). The phone also provides security when calling a non-Blackphone.

Blackphone Specs

You may be thinking: What happens if the NSA, FBI or CIA knocks on the doors of Silent Circle and demand a client’s call records?

The answer is, nothing. Silent Circle never stores anything, so it literally has nothing to hand over. Also, because the company is based in Switzerland, US Government Agencies have to abide the strict Swiss privacy laws.

The photo on your right consists of the technical specs of the Blackphone. After taking a quick glance, you may have already noticed that a lot of the features offered are much better than the iPhone. Maybe if Silent Circle created enough fun apps, this phone will become even more popular?

Do you think the Blackphone phone is neccesary, given the new U.S. Supreme Court ruling on requiring the authorities to get a warrant in order to search cell phones.Who do you think will utilize this technology the most?


*Special thanks to for the photos.


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