Corporate Guidelines Towards Good Business


This article is to include some simple guides, which help organizations progress forward, become more competitive, and retain top talent.

  • People love to give back to society! Employees are encouraged to participate in non-profit organizations and to help with any type of charitable work. The company would pay the employees for a certain amount of time, if they were helping with a charitable event.
  • Partnership with local universities and colleges. The goal is to provide some of the employees to instruct college students about what their day-to-day activities are like, in the “real world”. In turn, this would assist the company with indirect recruiting of young and ambitious talent.
  • There shouldn’t be an annual performance assessment. There should be quarterly performance “Talent Assessment”. The goal is to screen out bad employees, identify high performers and evaluate specific talent. During these assessment meetings, the company should also discuss about the organization’s culture, values and business direction.
  • Companies should clearly define what High Performance means to them. Most of the time, performance is poorly defined and not based on real business goals, so people don’t know how to work toward it.

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