How To Buy and Sell Stocks

stocks-buy-sellIn article, I will help show you that buying and selling stocks is as easy as buying and selling an item from Amazon.

Let’s start with the Buying part:

  1. Open a brokers account
  2. Add money to it from your Bank Account
  3. Pick a stock
  4. Click Buy
  5. You’re Done!

If you substitute #3 to “Pick a Merchandise”, then buying a stock is as easy as buying an item from Amazon. Think about it – first you have to register for an account; then insert your bank account (or credit card) information; then you search for products and add them to your cart; then click Buy.

#3 above is the part where you’re searching on amazon for: a good price; a product that will provide you value.

Let’s talk about the Selling part:

  1. Log into the Brokers Account
  2. Choose the Stock
  3. Click Sell
  4. You’re Done!

This part is a bit easier than selling an item on, because our financial markets have what is called “liquidity”. Liquidity simply means that there is a lot of money out there wanting to buy your stocks.

Sometimes, there is low liquidity for a specific unknown stock, and this causes the stock price to fall. This is similar to people not wanting to buy your product on Amazon; and you deciding to lower the price in order to attract buyers.

*In the example steps above, I’m assumed you’re happy with selling the stock at the current market price.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: @dociarber


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