Back to School

Back to School

It’s full blown back to school fever here in the United States. Everywhere you turn there’s a sale going on for all the useless tools you will never use but will still buy. Seriously though, when are you ever going to use that $10 pack of jumbo sized rainbow Sharpies? In honor of going back to school, here are just some of the reasons we love about going back to school.

1. First and foremost, friends. Who doesn’t love being able to see their friends again? After a summer of being holed up in a bedroom with Netflix, who wouldn’t want to spend some time holed up in a bedroom full of friends and Netflix? Going back to school means reconnecting with the friends you have grown to love and hate as well as meeting even more people to love and hate! What could be better?

2. Activities! Another great thing about going back to school is all the awesome things you get to do within those first few weeks. There will be parties. There will be activity fairs. There will be poster sales. There will be all sorts of random events thrown by specific groups trying to solicit your membership. Most importantly, and this brings me to my next point, there will be food.

3. Food. Going back to school means that there will be so much free food everywhere. The dining halls are rife with all sorts of food for you to pig out on. Sure your friends might make some comments or some girl will give you a side-eye stare down, but at least you have food. The best part of all the aforementioned activities is the free food! Barbeques will be taking place on campus and off campus and it will be awesome! Also, pizza. There will be so much free pizza those first two weeks. Enjoy.

4. Actual School Stuff. Some people may disagree entirely about this one, but doing actual school related things can be so much fun! Just remember when it comes to be that time where midterms swings its ugly head you will begin having all those awesome late night adventures uniquely geared to procrastinating on that paper. How many times did I made a 2 AM car ride to the all night diner in town? I don’t want to answer that question, but I had a great time procrastinating. All nighters rock!

5. Parties. Obviously a big part of going back to school is all the weekend (and to an extent weeknight) fun you will have. It is commonly accepted that college is when you enjoy the perfect blend of studying hard and partying harder. There will be something going on every weekend, and also every Thursday. You will take advantage of that and you will have fun.

Back to school is that weird area of the summer where you are overly excited to return to school. At the same time however, you are reeling in the back of your mind at the thought of leaving the wonderful world that is summer. Enjoy the rest of the summer while you can and remember there’s a whole lot to look forward to in September. And please remember; don’t buy those expensive books until you start your classes! That’s just a dumb move.


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