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The latest report from Solar Energy Industries Association provided great news about the Solar Industry in the United States.

The Solar industry is continuing to grow at a wonderful rate. Here are some current facts:

  • In the United States there are over 20,000* Megawatts of cumulative solar electric capacity. This energy can power over 4 million average US homes.
  • More than 600,000 businesses and homes have gone solar.
  • As of this September, prices of Photovoltaic Systems (Solar Panels) have declined to $2.71 per each Watt.
    • Comparing today’s prices with 2010, the average Photovoltaic system price has dropped by 63%
  • Corporations in the U.S. are going solar!
    • This includes Walmart, IKEA, Macy’s, Apple, Google and much more.
    • Top 25 corporate users have more than doubled their solar capacity since 2012.
  • Leading States for Solar power are:US Solar Installation Forecast
    1. California
    2. Arizona
    3. New Jersey
    4. North Carolina
    5. Massachusetts
    6. Nevada
    7. Hawaii
    8. Colorado
    9. New York
    10. New Mexico
  • The solar industry employees over 143,000 workers. This is roughly a 20% increase since 2012.
    • The employees are spread over 6100 businesses.
  • In Conclusion: There has been a great increase in the value of the Solar industry
    • 2011 – Valuation: $8.6 billion
    • 2012 – Valuation $11.5 billion
    • 2013 – Valuation $13.7 billion
    • 2014 – Valuation $16.45 billion*

This is great news for the United States, and for the Planet!

Solar Companies in the USA


*Calculations provided by
**At the time of this article, the Latest Report from used is: September 2014

The Solar Industry In 2014

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